A restored farm

Catering choices combining the traditional with renewable energies

The brick farm has been completely restored using traditional techniques (bricks, lime, wood).
Where possible, the existing openings have been preserved while adding to the brightness.
The large balcony terrace serving the apartments is made of wood.


The construction materials used are healthy, efficient and ecological:
cellulose wadding, hemp, sheep wool, fermacell.
Particular attention has been paid to sound and thermal insulation.
Renewable energies have been favored:
Geothermal heating, solar hot water.

Built and cultural heritage

Because the built heritage must live through time and in its time
Because art should not be reserved for museum halls
Because nature, habitat and art are the expression of man and a setting for man,
And that harmony is a whole
We have chosen to make La Tabernole a place of expression for the pleasure of our guests.
The walls are painted with lime (false marbles, marmorino, stucco, frescoes)
The antique furniture is weathered by time or painted with casein
The stained-glass windows distribute the light
The mosaics give a touch of warmth
Stucco decorates the walls

Artisans and crafts(wo)men

The comfort and pleasure of our hosts guided all of these choices.

The companies carrying out the project:
Architect: Xavier Rodriguez
Ariège Ecological Building (Patrick Sant)
Frame: The Rooster Tour (Rob Day)
Plumbing and solar: Mr Inard
Fireplaces: Alain Vidoni
Geothermal energy: ADEN
Interior decoration: Violette Guiot