A rural environment, 17 km from Toulouse

Montbrun-Lauragais, 17 km from Toulouse, benefits from a preserved rural setting and a typical Lauragais building, with in particular its 17th century windmill restored and in operation in summer.
The lodgings are away from the village and any housing estate, in a protected and non-building area.

The two cottages

The two lodgings, Le Cers and L'Autan, have the same characteristics (see the "description of accommodation" section). Only the interior decoration changes, each one presenting a unity of colors and style which makes it all its charm.
From the large balcony-terrace, you benefit from a breathtaking view over the Lauragais slopes to Toulouse.

Le Cers

The Autan

The wooded park

A park of 8000 m², of which about 5000 m² at your disposal, surrounds the house, forming an oasis of greenery in the middle of fields of wheat and sunflowers.
In the same ecological spirit that guided the restoration of the farm, this park is maintained by promoting the maintenance and development of the local flora.
Here, no French garden or English lawn but a park between the priest's garden and the forest / garden, with thick hedges of local shrubs (blackthorn, hazelnut, cherry trees, poplars, etc.), trees of local species, and the practice of differentiated mowing from March to July: by reserving large unmown spaces, we let the local flora (in particular several varieties of wild orchids) flourish and develop from year to year. year. We will be happy to guide you in the park to discover this unique flora.
Apart from around the swimming pool where the grass is systematically mowed, the land is crisscrossed with walking paths / discovery of plants and flowers, insects, butterflies, small animals. They mingle happily with old roses, shrubs, fruit trees and trees planted by us.
The salt pool 15 x 8 meters, protected by an electronic alarm, nestles in the middle of this park, out of sight. The barbecue terrace, surrounded by wild plum trees, offers you peace.
Nature regulates itself. This is the reason why in the lodges and with us only cleaning products with ecolabel are authorized.