A restored farm

A restoration combining the tradition with renewable energies

The building entirely built with "foraines" bricks (the traditional brick of Toulouse) has been entirely restored according to traditional techniques (bricks, lime, wood).

The large balcony terrace serving the apartments is made of wood (it was built by the carpenter who restored the windmill of the village).

The materials

The construction materials used are healthy, powerful and ecological: pads celluloses, hemp, wool of sheep, fermacell.
A high attention was paid to the thermic and acoustic insulation.
Renewable energies were privileged: Heating by Geothermics, solar warm water.

The built and cultural inheritance

Because the built inheritance must live through times,
because the art should not be left in the museums,
because harmony  is a whole,
we chose to make La Tabernole a  place for the pleasure of our hosts.
The brick farm is restored with lime
The walls are painted with lime (false marbles, marmorino, stuccos, frescos)
The old pieces of furniture are patinated by time or are painted with casein
The stained glasses distribute the light
The mosaics give a key of heat
The stuccos decorate the walls

The craftsmen

The comfort and the pleasure of our guests guided all these choices.

The authors of this project:
Architect: Xavier Rodriguez
Insulation : Ariège Batiment Ecologique (Patrick Sant)
Carpenter : La Tournée du Coq (Rob Day)
Plumbing and solar heating : Mr. Inard
Fireplaces Alain Vidoni
Geothermic heating : ADENE
Decorator, traditional technics : Violette Guiot